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Posted on Wednesday, September 18th, by Ben Pearson. Ruffalo plays a lawyer who discovers that American company DuPont was responsible for dumping chemicals into the water near its factories, wreaking havoc on not only the livestock, but the human residents in the area. Check out the trailer below. DuPont produced a non-biodegradable chemical called C8, which they discovered was linked to a variety of diseases, including cancer. After conducting research and realizing it was dangerous, they knowingly continued to produce it, dump it into the ocean, and bury it in toxic waste drums near the Ohio River.

Get off any mount you may be on and WALK with him. It may help you. Comment by Refistixus If you are not in a hurry with this mount, wait couple of weeks. Turning this quest in is hell on PvP servers. Comment by cruelwild I had no problems picking up the quest after I had abandoned it. Comment by Mounthunger Reins of the Grove Warden.

Comment by Tekilosh If there are couple of camper noobs and you are having trouble to make this quest, just realm hop. Comment by JOTjawsofthirst I managed to bug this achievement at first, right when i completed quest shadow of the defiler my random battleground queue poped i accpeted the quest dark waters from malfurion stormrage than i choose to accept the queue and phased, apon my return the quest was bugged, i immediately came to wowhead and learnt the quest could easily be droped and restarted, this worked just fine.

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Comment by Serraine Strange that the quest rewards experience. I mean, who got to this stage at level 99? The quest item itself requires level Comment by Missbrassier I cant even see him I realm jumped to but i cant find him.

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Please help! Comment by momma3 I'm paying a nice bit of gold for killing boss to get this quest. I must get quest b4 you get paid add Jasti Comment by jenista This quest bugged for me yesterday. The big dog, on the other bank now, had set up a pitiful moaning sound, pacing, the man with the light calling to him in a hoarse and urgent voice, Hunt im up, boy, hunt im up.

He turned to the men. Hush a minute, Sylder said, taking the light from him. Lady was already some thirty yards below them. When the light hit her, she turned her head back, and her eyes came pale orange, ears fanned out and floating, treading the water down before her with a tired and grim determination. She had her mouth turned up at the corners in a macabre and ludicrous grin as if to keep out the water.

Ho, gal, Sylder called. Ho, gal. They were moving down the creek too, raking through the brush. He never even felt the water. Then he was over the bank, feet reaching for something and finally skewing on the slick mud, catapulting him in a stifflegged parabola down and out into the water, arms flailing, but not falling yet, not until he had already stopped, teetering thigh-deep, and took a first step out into the current where he collapsed forward like a shot heron. When he came up again, he was in water past his waist, the soft creek floor squirming away beneath his feet as if he were walking the bodies of a colony of underwater creatures clustered there.

He could see a little better now.

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There was no light on the bank, and he thought: I come down too far. And no voices, only the sounds of the creek chattering and running past all around him. Then he went in again, over his head this time, and came up treading water and with something pushing against his chest. He reached and got hold of her collar, the creek bottom coming up and sliding off under his feet, falling backwards now with the dog rolling over him and beginning to struggle, until his leg hit a rock, and he reached for it and steadied himself and rose again and began to flounder shoreward with the dog in tow.

They came with the light and Sylder looked at him huddled in the willows, still holding the dog. One of the men was kneeling with him and stroking the examining her.

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He beyond cold now, paralyzed. The other man said: Son, you goin to take your death.

Todd Haynes’ ‘Dark Waters’ Lands an Oscar Release Date as Dee Rees’ Netflix Film Waits For Sundance

We better get you home fore you freeze settin right there. He nodded again. Sylder had the fire going by then, a great crackling sound as the dry brush took, orange light leaping among the trees. He could see him in silhouette moving about, feeding the flames. Then he came back. He gathered the quivering hound up in one arm and motioned for the boy to follow.

You come here, he said.

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And get them clothes off. The boy peeled off the leaden mackinaw and handed it over to him. He passed it around the trunk of a sapling, gathered the ends up in his hands, and twisted what looked to be a gallon of water out of the loose wool. Then he hung it over a bush. When he looked back the boy was still standing there.

He started pulling his clothes off, the man taking from him in turn shirt and trousers, socks and drawers, wringing them and hanging them over a pole propped on forks before the fire. When he was finished, he stood naked, white as a slug in the cup of firelight. Sylder took off his coat and threw it to him. The two men were behind him in the woods; he could hear them crashing about, see the wink of their light.

One of them came back toting a huge log and dropped it on the fire. A flurry of sparks ascended, flared, lost in the smoke pulling at the bare limbs overhead, returned, tracing their slow fall redly through the dark trees downwind.

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He sat in a trampled matting of vines, the long coat just covering his buttocks. Sylder made a final adjustment to the pole and came over. He lit a cigarette and stood regarding him. The clothes had begun to steam, looking like some esoteric game quartered and smoking on the spit. The two men were warming their hands at the fire, the shorter one grinning good-naturedly at the boy.

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The other hound had appeared, hovering suddenly at the rim of light and snuffling at the steaming wool and then slouching past them with nervous indifference, the slack hound grace, to where Lady lay quietly, peering across her paws into the fire. He nosed at her, and she raised her head to look at him with her sad red eyes. He stood so for a minute, looking past her, then stepped neatly over her and melted silently into the black wickerwork of the brush.

The other man moved over to her and reached down to pat her head.