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We need to leave the world as funky as we found it for future generations. It was fun and engaging.

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She was intrigued with the characters, and enjoyed the musical references as well. The first thing she wanted to do was have Jimi Fin Licks sign her guitar. Six months later, she had full recall of the story, and the message. The jaws are heavily ridged with crushing teeth arranged in wave-like rows.

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Behind the head the body tapers into a more streamlined shape, much like that of sharks. There are sturdy ridges of heavy, sharp thorns next to the eyes, in the middle of the back, and above the pectoral fins. This guitarfish has two large, triangular dorsal fins, the second smaller than the first.

The body terminates in a small but powerful caudal fin with an upper lobe that is larger than the lower. The tail of this species is much longer than the disc.

Dermal denticles cover the body giving the rough skin a velvety appearance. The color of bowmouth guitarfish changes with age. Young fish have brown bodies, pale ring-shaped spots covering their pectoral fins, and black bars between the eyes. Adults have charcoal or pale gray bodies with small white spots. The face bars fade to dark gray as they age, becoming faint and indistinct.

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Some adults have a bluish coloration. The creamy white underbodies in both adult and juvenile phases provides these rays with protective countershading. The largest bowmouth guitarfish on record was 2. However, animals above 2.

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One captured male weighed kg lbs , but most of these fish weigh much less. These guitarfish primarily feed on crustaceans and mollusks they find on the ocean floor and in the sediment.

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It can be recognized by its elongated and pointed snout, large eye spots above each pectoral fin, rows of white dots lining its greyish back, and tall, shark-like dorsal fins. This bottom-dwelling guitarfish can be in shallow inshore marine environments and estuaries throughout the western Indian Ocean, but is frequently confused with similar guitarfish species found in other parts of the Indo-Pacific.

At high tide, the giant guitarfish swims onto reef flats, where it feeds on small fish, crustaceans, bivalves and squid.

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  7. Size 10 feet 3. The largest female on exhibit is roughly 7. Body Composition There is a distinctive black cross between the eyes and rows of small white spots on the upper body. These marks may be good identifiers in the ocean, but they are very difficult to see in Ocean Voyager.