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Intellectual Property Office

Cookie settings. Home Organisations Intellectual Property Office. Intellectual Property Office. As mentioned before, everyone has intellectual property. Most of the time, it is in the form of a business name. Choosing a business name can be a fun, difficult, and overwhelming process.

A business name is often protected through trademark registration. Trademarks are unique from copyright in that they are protecting the name slogan or logo in its connection to a service or product. Contrast this from copyright, defined by the U. The copyright laws protect the actual artwork.

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The distinction between the two is what is being protected. Trademark is the source indicator and copyright is the protection of the property itself. The goal of copyright law is to protect the work, while trademark law is to protect the source that the specific goods or services are coming from. Trademarks seek to reduce or eliminate confusion for a consumer.

When you see the swoosh on a pair of athletic shorts, what does that tell you?

Startups Intellectual Property - Reflecting Value in Intangible Assets by Jon M. Garon

More than likely that the product came from Nike and should be of the same quality that Nike is known for. In order to protect this source indicator and avoid confusion in the marketplace, business owners register for trademarks — state or federal.

So what does this mean to you? Here is a quick checklist of ways to search before ever putting together a logo, getting that website , or even registering your business:.

When searching, you want to look not only for the same name, but a similar name for the same or similar product or service. For example, Cheery Wine Vineyards may be registered or in business for selling wine. This will probably not be an infringement or stall to your use of Cheery Wine Photography. Setting expectations even though they might change about money and financial security, personal time and family contributions to the business can help establish a benchmark for communication.

One of the biggest challenges to entrepreneurs can be the feeling of isolation. Knowing that others are struggling is important, and we hope that this series will open a dialogue in your family that can relieve some tension, answer some questions, and provide a foundation for open communication that will help you all survive the entrepreneurial life.

Common Forms of Intellectual Property

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