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May 22 — Mrs. Steele admits, after much coaxing, to having lied about Evelina being pregnant.

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Martha Steele sentenced to life in prison; falsely accuses husband of telling her to strangle their daughter to death; he is arrested then quickly released. Then I held her in my arms until she died.

I next pulled up two boards in the woodshed floor and buried the body. Without a trace of emotion and speaking in an even voice, Mrs. A charge of first degree murder has been placed against Mrs.

Steele by Prosecuting Attorney Galpin. The father. Albert Steele, formerly of Pentwater, is heartbroken. I never want to see her again.

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Little Evelina was last seen alive yesterday morning. The body was found this morning by John Vanderlaan, Sr. When the discovery of the body was reported, Mrs. Steele and her husband wdere immediately arrested. It developed that she purchased the muriatic acid a month ago and the authorities say it was for the purpose of murder. Charles Anderson, of Niles, the mother of Evelina, arrived tonight. She was divorced from Steele about a year after Evelina was born. Steele has been released. Steele will be arraigned tomorrow morning. Martha Steele, who yesterday confessed to the murder of her year-old stepdaughter, Evelina M.

Steele, this afternoon was bound over to the circuit on a charge of first degree murder. The police say that Mrs. The physicians who performed the autopsy are agreed that the alleged mistreatment took place after death, not before. The most dramatic feature of the sensational murder is the tragic grief of the father, Albert Steele. He made frequent visits today to the coal shed where the body was hidden.

Steele said this afternoon that jealousy was the sole motive for the crime. The child was of a loving disposition but would only come to me for a kiss or a pat on the head when my wife was not in the room.

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Meanwhile, Mrs. Steele, at the county jail, maintains an attitude of complete indifference. She sings and conducts herself in such a manner that the authorities suspect she may be mentally unbalanced. The funeral of Evelina will be held Sunday afternoon from the Acorn Street Mission Sunday school, of which she was a member. Albert Steele, who on Thursday confessed to the deliberate murder of her year-old stepdaughter, Evelina, will be brought into circuit court Monday morning to plead to a charge of first degree murder.

A further examination of the body of the little girl this afternoon by Coroner James F. The authorities now believe that the woman may have strangled the girl, as an analysis of the contents of her stomach has failed to reveal any traces of muriatic acid.

Paul Steele death: Derby man found guilty of killing

Police reserves will be on duty at the public funeral of Evelina to be held tomorrow afternoon at the Acorn Street Mission church. Albert Steele, alleged to have confessed to killing her year-old stepdaughter, Evelina M. Steele, this afternoon pleaded not guilty in circuit court to first degree murder. Steele appeared unmoved by the curious throng which crowded the court room and the corridors. Attorneys R. Gale and Harry W. Jackson were appointed to defend Mrs.

Her trial will be the last on the criminal calendar of this term. Thousands of persons yesterday jammed the neighborhood of the mission chapel where the Sunday school, of which Evilina was a member, conducted a memorial service. Pinned on her burial dress is the reward of merit pin which she had earned for faithful attendance and which was to have been presented to her yesterday. Albert Steele murder case, which will come to trial in the circuit court Monday, the bit of rope found in the shed addition to the rear of the Steele home has disappeared. What has happened to it since no one knows and everyone disclaims responsibility.

Albert Steele, slayer of her year-old stepdaughter, Eveline Mary Steele, walked into the court room this morning at the opening of her trial. The stir following her appearance seemed to have no effect upon her. She calmly took the chair pointed out by a deputy, immediately back of the table used by her attorneys. Anton Beilgart was the first juror called. The box was rapidly filled. Steele showed no interest.

Before the case opened, the prosecutor announced he would endeavor to prove that Mrs.

Man beaten, cut, shot at Steele Indian School Park; dies at hospital

Steele strangled the girl. The defense will be along the lines that Mrs. Steele was insane at the time of the slaying. Six of the first 14 jurors examined by the prosecution openly admitted they had positive opinions as to the guilt or innocence of Mrs. Steele, some saying that they believed the woman was guilty. These expressions visibly affected Mrs. Questions of the defense attorney, R. Gale, to the jurors, plainly revealed that insanity was to be the defense.

Man beaten, cut, shot at Steele Indian School Park; dies at hospital

Albert Steele, facts which she and her relatives will expose to the public eye in a desperate effort to save her from life imprisonment for the slaying of her year-old stepdaughter, Evelina Mary, will be the basis of the defense in the most heinous criminal case ever tried here. The defense has already requested Judge Sullivan to bar all women and children from the court room. An even greater crown than has attended the Steele case since it began, was present in the court room this afternoon.

Women outnumbered the men about nine to one.

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Steele sat as yesterday, her glance never varying from a distinct line ahead. Through this crowd Mrs. Steele had to walk. She stepped between two deputy sheriffs and began the two blocks walk to the jail, reading horror, loathing and anger in every face. It is expected that the arguments and Judge James E.

The defense made its last desperate attempt for acquittal today with a hypothetical question. In this were listed the alleged sorrows of Mrs. Everything also. Yet, the sudden gravitation to the murder theory over all others is unlikely to be an accident.

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