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Offer at least items or more for sale. People tend to drive on by when they don't see enough inventory.

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Present an array of goods. All clothes and shoes or just kids' items won't give you the kind of traffic you need to generate cash. Get more people by supplying an interesting inventory. Use tables and tablecloths to display your more expensive items. The easier it is for your customers to shop, the more you will sell -- and the classier your wares look, the more you can charge. Create tags or labels to individually price all items. This allows your yard sale helpers to actually help you without having to turn around and ask you for the price on every item.

This personalized presentation makes it easier for buyers to make decisions and add up the purchases in their heads as they shop. Choose your sale's date wisely. The majority of yard sales and garage sales are held in the spring, and the best day of the week for a sale is Friday. I have put some decorative items in some of those spaces and am loving the totally new look.

After rearranging the rest of the room, we moved down to our game closet. We pulled everything out and sorted and got rid of half of what was in there. I moved on to the bookshelves in two other rooms and made a lot of progress on getting rid of items from there too. My family room is still a bit of a wreck, but is almost done. I have rearranged the furniture there too after dejunking shelves, etc. I lost my momentum for the moment, but hope to get back at it this afternoon.

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We have made 3 or 4 runs to the thrift store with things and one to a discount bookstore that paid us for the items we took to them. There are several more items in a pile in my family room waiting to be loaded up and hauled away. Thank you for the added encouragement and inspiration. This is amazing! I always say I want to declutter and live smaller, more minimal but I am a collector of things. We have many boxes that have moved with us multiple times. I feel guilty getting rid of anything that has been given to me or is sentimental.

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I am going to try and work on this. Thank you for the inspiration. My latest foray was during Christmas decorating.

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After hauling the seven tubs down from the attic I had to admit that a lot of my decorations represented a: different house, different color scheme, different time in my life, different tastes, and different energy level. So six bags and boxes are ready to head to the thrift store! My attic and my back are already thankful! This is the simplest and most logical way to declutter that I have read in a long time! Thank you! I loved this post. It helped me see what my real issue has been in starting to get decluttered.

Of no use at all, yet I hold on. Hey Kelly! So happy it hit home with you and you got a little laugh in too.

Remember, baby steps! I agree! We have way too much stuff. Time to get real with ourselves and get rid of it. I have been on a clean out kick all summer. Thanks for writing this piece. Thank you for your guidance! Thank you for you for sound direction. Much advice in this area is harsh.

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I also would not want my children, in the future, to have to sift through it. So ironic Sherry because we just moved my mother-in-law and my husband and I kept wondering why she had kept so much stuff. Glad she now has a clean slate to start from. I tried to sign into your site but it would not exceptthe whole of my Canadian area code. What do I do to sign in? Your site seams like I need that to get me on the right track.

Hi Judy. You should use your email address to sign up, not your phone number. Instead of keeping my childhood stuff like old report cards and books I scanned the stuff that was important to me and purged it. I took photos of old dolls and got rid of them. I donated, I had a yard sale and I made ruthless decisions. I even tossed out my yearbooks, highschool wasnt that amazing anyway.

It can be done but like you said you have to shift your mindset. I asked myself if I loved it, if it was very useful or if I thought it was beautiful. If not…bye bye! We are in the process of buying my mother-in-laws sq. For her, everything has sentimental value e. She lost her husband to a heart attack 20 years ago, her son in a car crash 8 yrs ago, and I feel for her and how going through her things is a grieving experience. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh Kate. That is so hard because you definitely come from a place of love and not disrespect to her memories but need to clear out in order to live nicely and make room for new memories.

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Is she going to be living there with you? As Ingrid mentioned take pictures or scan items for her. We moved my mother to a small apartment and took pictures of her Santa Claus collection and put them in a scrapbook. Scan her pictures and put them in one of those frames that run a slide show. Perfect timing for your article.

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We started decrapifying and general spring cleaning before went to take care of our son in Texas in February. We are updating each room of our home. Some rooms in big ways, some in small ways. As we update we are getting rid of, donating or giving to our children.

"I Can't Get Rid Of My Stuff."

Daughter is coming over Thursday to collect decor for every season. Thank You for helping me declutter with a mental shift to fit our new face lift! To him, everything is sentimental; to me, very little is. That having been said, my bathroom cabinet is seriously out of control. Thank you, you have me feeling motivated!!!

I work as a leave of absence employee and have four months off.